Primiz in Altötting

Rohan Lobo

John 17.10

„All mine are yours, and yours are mine“



My name is Rohan Claude Lobo and I come from Mumbai (Bombay) in India, where I was born on January 24th in 1982. After the completion of the Catholic University I worked as a studio singer and personal trainer.

My first contact with Altötting was 2007 when I participated in the Easter days of the Emmanuel Community. I was touched by the joy of the Resurrection among the youth and I wanted to experience this joy in religious beliefs also. I realized the Lord calls me to attend the school of Evangelization in the Josefburg. I quit my job and went to get back to Germany to learn german.

So I've spent 11 months, from October 2007 to August 2008, in Altötting for training in the "Emmanuel School of Mission" how evangelism school is now called. Soon I was able to recognize the great gift that God gives me by calling me a priest. This time in Altötting was fundamental for my relationship with God and for my vocation. I've learned to worship and pilgrimage regularly to Our Lady of Grace on Kapellplatz. We students regularly visited the Holy Mass in the parish church and Father Mandl celebrated once a week with us in the Holy Mass in the Josefsburg.

To address the issue of priestly vocation more deeply, I've moved in autumn 2008 for a year of distinction to Namur / Belgium . In 2009 I've started my study of philosophy and theology in Brussels. After four semesters the Emmanuel Community has proposed me to study on as a seminarian for the diocese of Munich and Freising on.

On June 25th, 2016, as God will, I will be ordained as a priest. Each new priest celebrates a home Primiz generally. I was born and grew up in Mumbai, but the birth of my vocation was here in Altötting - Here I've found my spiritual home. The Emmanuel Community, to which I belong to, has a long-standing relationship to Altötting. Therefore, it is my wish and my great joy, to celebrate my first Mass here in Altötting.

The first Mass will be held on Sunday, June 26th at 13:30 in the Stiftspfarrkirche. At 17:45 there is a short Marie devotion in the chapel followed by general Primiz blessing in the chapel. Exact details on the schedule will be determined and announced in the coming weeks. I am pleased to celebrate with you and to donate the first mass blessing.